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  1. Active Members:  Any person duly admitted to the practice of the law in the State of New Jersey who resides in or maintains an office for the practice of the law in Bergen Country. or who shall have been an active member of the Association but who shall either have retired from active practive of the law, or shall be on active duty in the Armed Force of the United States of America, may be admitted to membership in the Association as an active member.
  2. Associate Members:  Any person residing in Bergen Country who is a law clerk of law student and intends to apply for admission to the Bar of this State; or any person who is a member of the Bar of the State of New Jersey, not qualified for active membership; or any attorney resifing or working in Bergen Country who is not a licensed New Jersey attorney but who is licensed in good standing to practice law in another state; or any attorney who is registed as inactive with the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection. Associate members shall not have the priviledge of voting or being office or trustees of the Association.


  1. There is a $15 administrative charge for all persons applying for admission or reinstatement to this Association.
  2. Dues shall be assessed as follows:
    First year of admission in any jurisdiction DUES FREE
    Second, third or fourth year of admission in any jurisdiction $75.00
    Five years or more of admission in any jurisdiction $175.00
    Association members $100.00

    + $15.00 Administrative Fee

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