NOTICE TO THE BAR: Our Board of Trustees Vacancies

RE: Vacancy on the Association’s Board of Trustees
As a result of the recent appointments of Nina C. Remson as a Superior Court Judge and Edward S. Kiel as a Federal Magistrate, two vacancies now exist on the Association’s Board of Trustees.

The Association’s By-Laws provide that the Board of Trustees shall fill a vacancy at its meeting next following the occurrence of said vacancy. The Association’s President shall call for nominations from the Trustees and
the nominee receiving a majority of the number of votes shall be elected and assume the duties of the vacant Trustee for the unexpired term.

Members of the Association in good standing for at least three years who wish to be considered for nomination by the Board of Trustees to fill the existing Trustee vacancies must submit a letter and resume in support of his or her candidacy on or before Thursday, September 5, 2019 to the address below:

Bergen County Bar Association
George W. Newman Law Building
15 Bergen Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601